TX VPN location network issues

Our TX location is having some issues at the moment. If you are experiencing network related problems - please restart your Hidden Router, as we have deployed our emergency servers, until the issue with our main location is resolved.

Thank you,


EDIT: Issue resolved, all servers are fully operational.

4th Jul 2021
Our UK Servers are undergoing a DDoS attack

Hey all!Our main UK servers are undergoing a ddos attack at the moment, so they are a bit flaky. Our DataCenter techs are already working on a fix, that will resolve this.Meanwhile - feel free to switch to a different server ( switching to a server in NY should temporarily fix this issue).Thank you,James   EDIT: Issue resolved, all servers are ... Read More »

18th Jan 2021
New Router UI coming with next update

We are working on providing a new UI for the router.   What will change? A lot! -You can pick your server from a drop-down list of servers (no more adding the servers by name manually!!) -You can change the WiFi name/password easily!Generally we are making it easier to navigate, with a single page, where you can do all your changes.Expect the ... Read More »

16th Oct 2020
We are almost ready to launch our new online store!

Our new online store is almost ready to go!

New features:

-Automatic suspension/reactivation of users

-Recurring payments for our VPN service (no more having to renew each month manually!)

-Need help? Open a ticket!

And so much more!

16th Oct 2020